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Supporting a critical and valuable mission.

April is volunteer appreciation month

This month of April is Volunteer appreciation month, and as an Americorps VISTA working as a Volunteer Coordinator at Rainbows United, I recognize it as an opportunity to reflect on myself as a volunteer and the reasons why I do it. I believe the reason is simple, and universal among all those who do volunteer. I volunteer because I believe in the mission of what I am volunteering for.

Rainbows United is an organization with a critical and valuable mission; which is to enhance the lives of children with special needs and their families by bringing together community resources and providing customized services. In order to carry out this mission, Rainbows delivers as much as 17 early intervention services to fully address the needs of our target population. The variety of services makes specialized and focused attention possible for our clients.

Working at Rainbows, I see the teamwork and collaboration necessary to make this mission successful, and it puts into perspective the role that I do as a volunteer coordinator- and how I am an important moving part of a whole. I believe that every person who willingly volunteers their time for an organization, a project, or event, does it because they believe in the mission and understands the value and impact of their time and effort to the mission. Individuals who have not had the rewarding opportunity to volunteer may not yet realize the far reaching consequences of volunteering ones time. But for those who have had the chance to volunteer, they do know, and should be reminded of the impact and potential to extend the capacity of services that might be sorely needed.

Another potential reason for not yet volunteering could be that the cause or mission one would like to devote themselves to have not yet been found, and if that be the reason, I encourage you to search for it. For the experience of volunteering brings with it attention to what may be an important mission that has gone underserved, and building of character and values in oneself. So thank you to those who do volunteer, and good luck to those who have not found their mission yet, and to both, I wish for you the best experiences to come out of your volunteering. Click here to volunteer at Rainbows.