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Early intervention helps Zoe and Romeo make progress

Community supports virtual event

Three-year-old Zoe loves horses and Peppa Pig.  She is a happy, quiet child who has a genetic disorder that shows symptoms similar to Autism. Both Zoe and her older brother Romeo have received services through Rainbows’ Infant/Toddler Services and now Targeted Case Management.

Zoe has mobility difficulties which require the need for SMO foot braces. These braces provide support to the heel and arch of Zoe’s feet to improve her mobility and balance. Rainbows’ Infant/Toddler Physical Therapist was able to help strengthen Zoe’s muscles and recommend the braces. Through Targeted Case Management, Rainbows has helped provide the special shoes and socks needed for Zoe to use the braces.  “Zoe couldn’t walk straight,” said Monica, Zoe’s mother. “Through therapy and the braces, she is walking a lot better now.”

Zoe also has difficulty focusing and speaking, which her mother believes is connected to hearing and vision issues. With help from Katie Bally, Speech Language Pathologist, and Patrick Washington, Audiologist, Zoe’s speech has improved and the family now understands her hearing challenges.  “Zoe is now communicating more wants and needs,” said Emma Low, Zoe’s Targeted Case Manager. “I’ve been thrilled to be a part of Zoe’s journey and witness her continued progress.”

Zoe is one of the Rainbows’ children who was helped through donations raised at the 45th Annual Blarney Breakfast. In response to concerns regarding the health and safety of the community, the difficult decision was made to adapt this year’s Blarney Breakfast to a virtual event. 

“Moving the Breakfast to a virtual event was the right thing to do,” said Deb Voth, President of Rainbows. “We are grateful to the staff, volunteers, partners and sponsors, including Chi Epsilon Chapter of ESA, Old Chicago East, Docuplex, KAKETV, KEYN, Power 93.5, KNSS and Dunkin’ who came together to make the event possible.” 

Don Hall and our radio partners promoted ways to give through online merchandise, Text-2-Give and Davis-Moore drop off.  Davis-Moore hosted the drop off site, collected donations and distributed Blarney Bundles on St. Patrick’s Day.  KAKETV helped spread the word about our event cancellation and produced a new promo spot to promote Text-2-Give.  

Dunkin’ continued to sell special dozen donuts and allowed Rainbows to randomly distribute the 1 week of free Dunkin’ coffee to 45 people who pre-purchased tickets. Old Chicago East communicated the changes to their patrons and guests. And, members of the Chi Ep sorority packaged up coffee mugs and delivered them to our major sponsors on St. Patrick’s Day

New this year, Rainbows added a Text-2-Give option and a Social Media contest.  Noah Crosby was the winner of the contest, breakfast with Wichita State Baseball Head Coach Eric Wedge and Pitching Coach Mike Pelfrey. Noah and his family receive service from Rainbows, including Camp Woodchuck which is a favorite of Noah’s.  During the breakfast, Noah told Coach Wedge, “This is the best day of my life!” Don Hall secured the breakfast location and Jimmy’s Egg donated the meals.

March 17 found many of the volunteers from Chi Epsilon, Old Chicago East, the National Guard, our radio and TV partners, celebrity coffee pourers, the Knights of Columbus and Rainbows waking up at 4 a.m., missing the excitement of preparing for the Blarney Breakfast. Then the photos started coming in of families celebrating the Blarney Breakfast from home! This was the reminder everyone needed. Blarney Breakfast is a Wichita Tradition. This is not the way we planned the 45th Annual Blarney Breakfast to unfold, but cairde (Irish for friends), thank you for making the day a day filled with rainbows.

With your help, approximately $4,000 was raised after we announced the cancellation of the breakfast, bringing our final net total to $51,700!