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A partnership beginning its third year.

Delta Dental of Kansas Foundation

Rainbows United, Inc. has completed its third year of partnership with the Delta Dental of Kansas Foundation.  Each year, Rainbows’ Targeted Case Managers and Family Service Coordinators distributed age-appropriate toothbrush kits provided by the Foundation to infants, toddlers, children, youth and young adults with special needs. Lorie Angelo, Targeted Case Management Coordinator and Liaison to the Community Developmental Disability Organization, promoted the toothbrush kits program.

She said, “Delivering the toothbrush kits gives us an opportunity to not only educate families about the importance of good oral hygiene for all family members, it allows us to share new information about resources they might not have considered.”

In our first year of partnering with the Delta Dental of Kansas Foundation, we emphasized the need for oral exams for infants and toddlers, starting at the child’s first birthday. Many families do not think of taking a child that young to the dentist, but it is recommended, especially for infants and toddlers with special needs.

Along with the kits, which included a toothbrush, paste and dental floss, Rainbows distributed a brochure with names, addresses and phone numbers of providers who have experience in serving children with special needs, and who accept KanCare/Medicaid. Currently, Rainbows is sharing information on available dental services for adults with special needs who receive KanCare/Medicaid through one of the three health plan providers. Amerigroup offers two preventive dental exams with cleaning per year; Sunflower Health Plan provides two routine preventive dental exams and cleanings per year; and UnitedHealthcare Community and State Plan provides an exam, x-ray and teeth cleaning once per 12 months.