Rainbows United

Annual Campaign

As you may know, finding high quality child care can be a struggle for any family with young children.

Finding child care for a child with special needs can be an even bigger challenge. When Heather needed child care for her son Sam, she already knew the quality of Rainbows’ services because he had received Infant/Toddler Services in their home for his first year.

“I wanted Sam to be in a center with a nurse and staff who were used to working with kids who have special needs” said Heather. “It was important for there to be flexibility regarding his learning to walk and potty training because kids with Spina Bifida often have bladder and bowel issues.”

Heather and Sam got connected to Rainbows right after his birth. His Spina Bifida and other medical issues were unexpected. He had 7 surgeries his first year. “Our physical therapy services during Sam’s first year helped relieve so much anxiety about his condition. Our therapist’s experience and her calm nature were just what we needed,” said Heather.

“Sam’s speech language pathologist, changed Sam’s life completely when she identified a hearing issue,” said Heather. “I can’t imagine how far behind his speech would have been if we had waited any longer to address his hearing. His speech improved by leaps and bounds and she helped us with swallowing and feeding issues.”

Sam is known for his high fives, knuckle bumps and hugs. He has a contagious smile and brings joy to all who know him.

You can provide joy and life changing therapies with your ongoing gifts to Rainbows’ Annual Campaign. When you invest in Rainbows, you help families get the support they need to impact their children as they learn and grow.

We’re counting on your gift to help us reach our goal to support services to 3,800 children with special needs and their families in our community, just like Sam.