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Early Childhood Mental Health Expanded

“Let’s change the conversation about Mental Health.” This was our message at Texton Aviation’s Wings for Dreams, November 7, 2019, and will continue to be an emphasis for us at Rainbos United.

 Currently, Rainbows is the only provider of childhood mental health services for children birth to age 3 and is seen as the regional leader in early intervention. There is a huge disparity across America of access to funds for early childhood mental health.
Thanks to you, Rainbows is expanding our continuum of services for early childhood mental health to ensure that more children receive the emotional foundation they need to learn and grow. Funds from Wings for Dreams will be used to expand Rainbows’ reach to children outside the current service area and provide more opportunities for individualized therapy/service to children and families. We have already increased our mental health staff because of these funds. We also have plans to further expand our reach some more this Spring.
Opportunities to provide services that provide family stabilization and parenting support will ensure that children have caregivers who are educated on the needs of young children who struggle with social-emotional wellness. By improving children’s environments and experiences in early in life, Rainbows can address many costly future problems including untreated/undiagnosed mental illness, incarceration, homelessness, and failure to complete high school. 
Early Intervention is the key to the future. The National Alliance on Mental Health estimates that untreated mental illness costs the Country up to $300 billion every year due to losses in productivity. Investing in Rainbows’ Early Childhood Mental Health services can reduce barriers to learning and improve educational, behavioral and health outcomes for youth. 
As Mr. Rogers said, “I’m convinced that when we help our children find healthy ways of dealing with their feelings – ways that don’t hurt them or anyone else – we’re helping to make our world a safer, better place.” 
By changing the conversation of mental health to include early intervention, Rainbows will not only have a dramatic impact on the health and wellbeing for these individuals’ future, but in the communities where they live. Thank you for your support in helping make this possible.