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Thank you for meeting the needs of children and families during these challenging times.

Support Children with Special NeedsDuring the pandemic, Rainbows programs did not stop and the developmental needs of children continued to be met through critical services. In fact, 643 new children have come into Rainbows services in the last 8 months.

During that time, you’ve helped Ryan as he and his family dealt with unexpected medical complications. “The day Ryan took his first steps we cried the happiest tears because we know how hard he worked to get to that point,” said Allison, Ryan’s mom. Ryan was diagnosed with seizures at 4 months of age and at 6 months, developed Infantile Spasms. Ryan sees multiple therapists from Rainbows as part of the multidisciplinary team approach. “Ryan has made tremendous changes and will continue to do so because of Rainbows.”

Every gift helps meet the growing needs of children and families by helping fill the gap due to the cancelation of in-person fundraising events.

Families are counting on you to help raise $550,000 by December 31, 2020.