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Learning in a way your child will enjoy.

Fall Learning Activities

With each change of the season brings new experience and learning opportunities! Here are some Fall activities from the Early Childhood Special Education Teachers at Kids’ Point for children birth to five:

  1. Pumpkin Guts What it is: Cut open a pumpkin, scrape out the insides, and give each child a scoop. What it does: This is a sensory and discovery activity. Each child will get to experience the feel, smell, taste, etc first hand.
  1. Nature Walk What it is: Take a walk in a park or other outdoor area. What it does: This will teach the child about their environment as well as develop fine motor skills by having them look for specific things.
  1. Pumpkin Bowling What it is: Bowling, with a pumpkin What it does: This develops hand coordination as well as gross motor skills.
  1. Pumpkin Pie What it is: Bake a pumpkin pie. What it does: This teaches cooking skills such as measuring and the different utensils used in the kitchen.
  1. Nature Collages What it is: Make a collage using various elements that can be found outside, such as leaves. What it does: This teaches children the characteristics of Fall and the changes in nature.

Fall can be so much fun, each of these activities brings a different element of learning that children will enjoy!