Aiden & Jayden

Non-verbal twins enjoy Woodchuck Adventure

When it comes to summer fun, there is no more active pair than 6 year-old twins Aiden and Jayden Vega. ‘The boys are very active and love to be outside,” said Kelsea Steinbacher, Rainbows’ Direct Support Professional who cares for the boys along with co-worker Haily Wilson also a Rainbows’ Direct Support Professional.

“We spend a lot of time in their big backyard where they have a trampoline, a play set with swings and lots of room to run and play,” said Haily. “It’s fun to see how much they have grown since last year.” The boys and the two Rainbows’ staff members were in the same Camp Woodchuck classroom last summer and got to know each other, which helped with the transition to in-home services in 2020.

Both boys are non-verbal and like sensory activities including play dough. They have autism and often like repetitive motion of singing and jumping. Their home is near McConnell Air Force Base, so they get to see many airplanes overhead, which both boys enjoy. Rainbows provides Targeted Case Management as well as Family Support Services for the family.

“I didn’t know what to expect with the change to in-home services,” said Kelsea. “But it’s been nice to get to know the boys more individually than when there is a whole group of kids. I am really enjoying it.” The group Skypes with other children from last year. Both staff and children enjoy this activity to connect, catch up and interact virtually. “Having Skype group time give us the feeling of being together with others,” said Kelsea.

Kelsea works for the Wichita School District during the school year. Haily is studying to be a first grade teacher and hoping to do her student teaching in the Fall. Both enjoy the experience of working with children and the opportunities that Rainbows provides to interact with children with special needs.