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He brings imagination to life.

Alexis Meraz is 18 years old and is diagnosed with Down Syndrome and Apraxia. You can find Alexis at Camp Woodchuck participating in anything and everything, whether it be playing a sport or dancing along to Spanish music. Alexis’ mom, Brenda, said, “He enjoys listening to music, dancing, playing on his iPad, and staying active and healthy. But overall, he loves spending time with his family.” Alexis has a loving a supporting family consisting of his mom, Brenda, father, Juan, sisters, Gladys and Litzy, and brother, Randy.

In the classroom, Alexis is the one making everyone laugh. You will always see a smile on his face when he is pretending to give a haircut or talk on his imaginary phone. “I’ve seen it all, from acting as a banker counting money or a barber giving a haircut,” said Anna, a classroom lead. “There is nothing Alexis can’t imagine; he can bring anything to life simply just by using his mind.”

Outside of Camp, not only does Alexis excel academically at Wichita East High School, but he also loves to partake in his Wichita Independent Special Olympics team. “His athleticism shows at camp whenever we go outside. He is never too tired to play soccer or basketball with his friends,” said Anna.

As Alexis grows older, he is becoming more and more independent and he is not afraid to take on any challenges on his own. Even chores, a task many kids dread, Alexis willingly helps out and does everything vigilantly. “Alexis is a happy, hardworking boy with high self esteem,” Brenda said. “He is unique.”