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It’s a Dolan Family Tradition

The Dolan boys are all members of the Rainbows’ family. Ethan, 7, Austin, 5, Logan, 3 and Braden, 3 months, have spent time in every classroom at Kids’ Point Early Care and Education Program. This year, Austin will graduate from Pre-K and join his brother Ethan at school.

The family got connected with Rainbows nearly 7 years ago when Ethan started daycare. Angela, the boys’ mother, worked at Koch and loved how close it was. “In our situation, Rainbows has been a trusted place for our children to grow, learn, make friends, and have fun while we go to work,” said Angela. “We are so thankful to have found Rainbows. Having a place our kids can go from baby stage to Pre-K age has been invaluable. The staff has been wonderful, providing our kids with great learning opportunities, social interaction, loving care, and loads of fun activities.”

As Austin prepares to graduate, Angela reflected on his years at Rainbows. “He has learned so many good things at Rainbows over the years, and this last year in pre-K has been no exception,” she said. “From spelling and writing his name to recognizing letters and numbers, Rainbows has helped him prepare for Kindergarten in all the right ways.”

Austin is the family’s little helper. He is very observant and thoughtful, and he loves looking for ways to pitch in around the house. Now, he’s also only five, so he enjoys making big messes in record time, too!

Austin wants to be a farmer – a strawberry and asparagus farmer to be exact. He wants cows, chickens, goats, sheep….and a bird in a big cage outside where it can still fly around. He loves caring for the family dog and chickens they have now, and he’s the first one out to the garden each day to see what’s growing, so it’s no surprise this is what he wants when he “grows all up”!

“We are excited to see where Austin goes in life,” said Angela. “We hope he finds and embraces his passion and works hard in whatever he does.”