Boy did she show them!

Kameron, Avery’s mom, shared the story of the first days of her baby’s life:  “Avery was born a relatively “normal & healthy” baby, 6 lbs. 6.4 oz, 6 weeks prematurely, by c-section. She came home two weeks later without any contraindications. On day four of being home, she broke out into a rash and had a fever of 104.7° and continuous seizures. She was in a coma for 4 weeks. Soon after we were told she had significant brain atrophy and would not recover from this. She was diagnosed with Significant Developmental & Global Delays due to Viral Encephalitis, which included Cerebral Palsy, Cortical Blindness, Nonverbal, Autism, Septo-Optic Dysplasia, Partial Complex Seizures and other medical issues.

We were told she would never crawl, roll over, walk, talk…basically have any kind of quality of life….Boy did she show them!”

Now 15 years old, Avery is an extremely intelligent young lady. Kameron smiled when she said, “Avery has a determination about her that many people do not. She loves to complete a task once it is given to her.  But she IS stubborn and sometimes it has to be done on her terms only, her way only. She is a typical teen!”

Avery sits in a wheelchair most of the time.  With donations from this year’s Blarney Breakfast, Avery will receive a supportive walker! Having a walker to assist her with walking small distances will help her with her fine gross motor skills and increase her independence.

“I would definitely like families to know and understand that Rainbows United can absolutely be like the foundation of a house or fertilizing soil in a garden. It’s the main layer that helps families with stabilization and growth. Rainbows will ALWAYS be there to make families stronger, better and more prepared for their next venture,” said Kameron.