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Ayah & Fritz

Two Great Kids

Kelly and Scott have two children. Both have received Rainbows’ services in their home. Kelly says she has appreciated having Rainbows’ Physical Therapist, Rhonda come to their home over the last 18 months. “Having Rhonda come to our home has been great,” said Kelly. “I find her visits so supportive as a parent learning how to help my children develop and grow. She is full of ideas, listens to my concerns and my family has truly benefitted.”

Their oldest child Ayah was born early at 25 weeks and spent her early days in the NICU. The family got connected to Rainbows when Ayah was around 6 months old and not babbling. “Rainbows helped Ayah catch up developmentally and now she talks a mile a minute,” said Kelly. “I saw progress in her speech almost right away.”

Fritz, their second child was born at 32 weeks with Cerebral Palsy and Cortical Visual Impairment (CVI) a term used to describe visual impairment that occurs due to brain injury. His eyes are able to see, but his brain is not able to interpret what is being seen. He spent 37 days in the NICU and when he came home, Rhonda became his therapist.

Kelly saw how Ayah connected with Rhonda at Fritz’s visits and asked if Rainbows could help both children.

Rhonda connected the family to a vision clinic in town that helped them gain greater understanding of his visual impairment as well as another Rainbows’ professional who helps him get use to eating age appropriate foods. Rhonda and Kelly work on his core, back and neck strength so he can hold his head up and get mobile. Fritz loves to knock down block towers and play with toys during his therapy time with Rhonda. Soon he will walk with the aid of foot orthotics.

“I can’t imagine where we would be without Rainbows,” said Kelly. “I trust their guidance and am a better parent because of their help.”