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Brave and Confident

Five-year-old Baylor has graduated from Rainbows’ Pre-Kindergarten Program! Baylor started with Rainbows  in the infant room and has grown up with Rainbows.

“It’s extremely difficult dropping off your precious little one with “strangers” for the day,” said Stacy, Baylor’s mother. “I struggled. But so quickly, those “strangers” become your support system, your tribe in shaping these little humans. There are teachers who go above and beyond to help shape littles – and that is so impactful, especially at this age. These are fundamental years for our children, and Rainbows has played such an important role in our daughter’s life.”

“We will forever be grateful for those who helped shape Baylor these last five years,” said Stacy. “Miss Charlesetta, para educator in the infant room, helped me become confident as a mother and taught me that others love our littles too. Assistant Teachers Stacy and Yolanda were always there when we needed, ready to embrace Baylor during the years of difficult drop offs. Miss MacKenzie, Pre-K lead teacher, has become a household name. Baylor asks that I take pictures of her creations and experiments to share back with Miss MacKenzie, and we are already strategizing on ways we can pop in and see Miss MacKenzie after we transition to “big kid school”. Rainbows has been our home away from home, and we will forever be grateful for that.”

Stacy and Jacob, Baylor’s father have watched Baylor’s confidence grow, especially in the last several years. She is excited to go to school to learn and play with her friends. She is brave and is a helper…to both her teachers, as well as her friends.

Baylor’s mother says, “Baylor is a kind, loving, independent and sassy little lady. She is a good friend, and cares hard about her family, friends, and teachers. She will do really big things; I have no doubt. Rainbows has helped Baylor learn to be brave when she needs to be, and to have confidence in herself. I wish I would have learned this as early as she has.”

One core memory for Baylor is when she had the opportunity to put her hand on the Keeper statue which is now at Rainbows. Baylor and her mother went to artist Delilah Reed’s studio where Baylor climbed a ladder and put her hand covered in paint on the statue representing all young children served through Rainbows. It was fun and a real honor for the family to have Baylor be included.

Baylor’s little brother, two-year-old Boyd is also at Rainbows. The family loves getting out and about, including visiting the farmers markets, zoo, going on weekend trips to Kansas City, playing outside, and the family just returned from their first visit to Disney World.