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Your life will change when you meet him.

“Once you meet Bret, your life has changed,” says Lynn of her grandson. Bret is 11 years old and has Cerebral Palsy and a seizure disorder. Currently, Bret receives Rainbows’ Targeted Case Management services and attends Camp Woodchuck.

“I really enjoy working with Bret and his family; they always greet me with a smile as we work together to meet their needs,” said Melissa Richardson, Rainbows’ Targeted Case Manager.

Bret has received Rainbows’ services since birth. During his early development he received Infant/Toddler Services including speech therapy, physical therapy, occupational therapy.

“Without the help of Infant/Toddler Services, Bret’s speech wouldn’t be as far,” Lynn said. “We are really thankful for Rainbows.”

Melissa has been a great resource for the family. She helped find funding to purchase a van with a wheelchair ramp, which was a much needed item for Bret’s care.

“We can call Melissa anytime, she calls and checks on him and us to see if we need anything,” Lynn said. “Melissa is our support system. Bret’s life has been enriched since having Rainbows’ services.”

Services throughout Bret’s life have made a difference for his entire family. “Rainbows has improved the health and well being of our whole family, it has made life a lot easier and a lot better,” Lynn said.

Bret enjoys family time with his mother, siblings, and grandparents. He loves to go to the park, loves to swim, and loves to go out to eat. “He’s like a typical kid except he can’t walk or do anything on his own,” Lynn said. “He is a joy, we couldn’t imagine our lives without him.”