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A Heart the Size of Texas

“As a new mom, I was terrified of sending my newborn off to daycare,” said Jessica, Carson’s mother. “I will never forget the day I brought Carson in for a visit prior to his first day. Ms. Charlesetta, para-educator in the infant room, looked at him and said “Well, aren’t you just the cutest little butterball?”. She then snatched him up and took him as one of her own. From that day on, Rainbows has felt like family, like a home.”

Now 5-years-old, Carson will walk the red carpet to celebrate his Pre-Kindergarten Graduation and his time at Rainbows. Over the past year, Carson has grown and developed and his personality has really blossomed. “I love how social Carson is,” said Jessica. “He’s a very confident little boy. Just this past weekend we were out of town and he met some new friends at the playground. Watching him interact with confidence and excitement, I knew that was attributed to his time at Rainbows.”

Carson and his parents enjoy racing Remote Controlled (RC) cars together. For the last several years JD, Carson’s father, has brought RC cars to Carson’s class for a hands-on education experience of driving an RC car. All the kids in the class learned about how the cars work and were able to drive one of the cars themselves.

“Carson is one of the kindest kids I know, and is always willing to help his friends or make someone feel welcomed,” said Ms. Taelor , Lead Teacher in Room 6. “I enjoy all of our conversations about RC and NASCAR, and of course all of his cool toys! Having Carson in this class has been such a joy, and we will miss him and his family as he ventures on to Kindergarten.”

“Carson has a heart the size of Texas,” said Jessica. “I am pretty sure his dream is to race RC cars the rest of his life! I pray that he continues to remember the lessons he’s learned at Rainbows and always treats others with respect and gives back to others as Rainbows has given to us.”

“We are so thankful for the staff and teachers that have taken the time to love Carson as one of their own,” said Jessica. “Rainbows listens to the concerns of the parents and offers up solutions. I know that my child truly matters to the staff at Rainbows and the comfort I get from that each morning when I drop him off for daycare is invaluable. My husband and I are forever grateful for the time we have spent at Rainbows!”

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