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COVID-19 crisis means extra help for families

Carter and his parents Kevin and Melanie have been a Rainbows’ family for the last 2 years. Their Targeted Case Manager helped connect them to Summer Camp and after-school latch-key services through Rainbows. Most recently with schools going to online learning and Carter, age 14, being at home every day, the family needed help in their home. Carter is non-verbal and needs structure and direction to be successful.

“My husband is working from home and he’s on the phone a lot. I work 3 days a week at the hospital and am on stand by for more hours should there be the need,” said Melanie. “Having someone Carter is familiar with in our home to guide him through his online learning and keep him safe is a real comfort during this stressful time.” Rainbows’ Direct Care Professional Keller, comes to the family home on the days when Melanie and Wayne are working.

When schools transitioned to continuous learning, the family knew they would have to transition as well. Melanie considered going back to working nights and weekends so she could be at home with Carter like she did before they got connected to Rainbows’ services. When a Rainbows’ scheduler told her she might be able to secure more hours of care in their home, she applied and is pleased with the result. “We now have funded hours so that Carter can have a buddy with him at home during the day,” said Melanie. “It’s totally different for Carter to have Keller there. He’s happier and less frustrated while we are practicing social distancing.”

Carter and his family are looking forward to this summer and Camp Woodchuck.  This will be his third summer at Rainbows. “Camp has helped Carter grow socially and he really wants to attend,” said Melanie. “He likes to watch the other kids and see what they are doing and try it himself.”