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A girl who has what it takes

A lively 14 year-old girl, Destiny loves jewelry, make up and having fun with her friends at the mall. A Rainbows’ girl since age 3, Destiny attended Rainbows’ pre-school and went on to public school. Now a middle schooler attending both regular and special education classes, she continues to learn with the help of her teachers and family. Destiny is a member of the Special Olympics Cheerleading Squad and loves practices, cheering on her peers and competing in the games.

“I appreciate our Rainbows’ Targeted Case Manager and the time she puts in helping Destiny be successful at school,” said Rawn Dunbar, Destiny’s mom. “It’s great to be able to call on someone who knows the rules and helps my child get what she needs to be successful.”

Destiny is a fun girl and loves everything a 14 year-old girl loves. Her intellectual disabilities and speech delays only slow her down a little. She has made so much progress in her abilities to communicate with her family and is a delightful young woman.

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