At six years old, Devin had never used a present tense action verb like "kicking."

Devin has autism and two years ago he was one of 40 children who qualified for the state funded autism waiver. Rainbows' autism specialist, Denny Leak works with Devin to assess his educational needs and supervises the Intensive individual Support Professionals who work with Devin five days per week. To help Devin practice his words and learn to use them, Denny made him a 45 page social story book. Each page shows Devin in action; kicking, throwing, smiling, blowing, and other action verbs so he can see himself doing the action and then verbalize them.

Recently, Devin's mom picked him up from school and his kindergarten teacher reported that Devin had tattled on the boy behind him saying, "Billy was blowing on the back of my head." To all, except maybe the boy who was bothering Devin, this sentence using a present-tense action verb was a huge thrill.

Devin earned his orange belt in karate and was marked satisfactory in 258/260 items on his kindergarten checklist.  At his school's end-of-the-year awards ceremony, Devin was named "Good Citizen of the Year" for his class. Go Devin! 

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