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A Rainbows' kid since birth

Devin was born blind and deaf, and is small in stature. Devin’s mother was told in the hospital that he would never walk, never talk, never sit up, or even eat on his own. For any parent that is a very scary thought.  Devin was just over a month old when a Rainbows team that included a vision specialist, physical therapist, occupational therapist, hearing specialist and speech pathologist came to his home.

Devin benefited immediately from tiny-k services.  He continued receiving services such as the latchkey program and Camp Woodchuck with Rainbows United.  In December of 2011, Devin began receiving supportive home care with Rainbows United. “I felt like we won the lottery.  I could never have found someone on my own that has the skills and knowledge the Rainbows staff have, “ says Devin’s mother, “I am secure in knowing that my son is well cared for.  The Rainbows United staff has been great to work with and we could never have gotten the services we have now without our Rainbows Targeted Case Manager.”   Not only have they been instrumental in providing services, but Devin’s case manger, DeAnn, has also assisted with accessing blind and deaf services in the school system.  Those supports have been instrumental in aiding with Devin’s educational progress.

“Something Rainbows always told me was to never think that your child is not able to do something.  I can’t praise them enough!”

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