A kind-hearted boy

My son is Dylan Schneider. Dylan was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy – Spastic Quadriplegia and Developmental Delay at around 2 years old. This means Dylan cannot walk unassisted and has limited muscle control. Now a bright 13 year old, Dylan spends most of his time in a wheelchair.

Due to Dylan’s diagnosis, it has been very challenging for us to adapt our day-to-day living. Not only have we had to physically adapt things, but we’ve also had to learn how to care for Dylan and meet his specific needs on a daily basis. Dylan requires full assistance in doing routine tasks such as getting dressed, going to the bathroom, showering, and preparing meals. 

Dylan currently receives Targeted Case Management services through Rainbows United and attends Rainbows’ Camp Woodchuck each summer. However, he has really been working with Rainbows since he was only a few months old.  When he was an infant, he received physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech, and vision therapy all through Rainbows’ services. He even attended preschool at their Child Care program from 3-5 years old.  

Rainbows has helped our family so much. In the beginning, they showed us how to care for Dylan and taught us what he needed. As he’s gotten older, Dylan has learned to become more independent. He has learned to speak for himself when he needs things. He is becoming more confident and making more friends. 

Rainbows’ entire staff have been nothing but helpful to us. They are very knowledgeable, and if one staff member can’t answer a question, they will find someone who can. Dylan’s Targeted Case Manager is Emma Low. She is very kind, always checking in with us to see what we need. She has always been there when I have questions about Dylan and his needs. As his Case Manager, she has helped us get funding for medical equipment and helps secure the financing that allows Dylan to attend Camp Woodchuck. At Camp, Dylan is able to be around other kids just like him. They go field trips and do fun stuff. This allows him to get out and have fun, and also lets us have some quality time with our daughter. Most recently, Emma helped us get our bathroom remodeled for Dylan and his unique physical needs.

People who know Dylan would say he is a very kind-hearted boy. He is always thinking of others. He is a great friend and really cares about his family. He enjoys playing baseball and has recently started adaptive power soccer. 

Proceeds from this year’s Blarney Breakfast are going to cover expenses for an adaptive tricycle for Dylan! This will provide an opportunity for Dylan to receive therapeutic benefits and spend time with his friends. Dylan receives physical therapy services through his school and through Harter Physical Therapy in Goddard. One of Dylan’s physical therapist says, “An adaptive tricycle will also have health benefits for Dylan as it will allow him to get regular exercise, improve his strength, range of motion, endurance and activity level.” We are so grateful!

-Dawn Schneider, a Rainbows’ mother