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Likes playing cars

When Elias was born, he had weak right side function. At four months he began receiving physical therapy with Rainbows’ Physical Therapist Angela Pulaski. Elias is now 17 months old and currently on track developmentally, he is walking, beginning to talk, and has great dance moves.

Elias was diagnosed with mild Cerebral Palsy, Gastro Paresis, and the family is looking into a possible metabolic disorder. Regardless of medications or hospital visits, Elias always has a smile on his face.

Jenna, Elias’s mother, texts Angela with victories. Angela has been a great resource for Elias’ family. “She is a friend when you need it, she gives mom advice when you need it,” Jenna said. “She is very knowledgeable about what she does.”

Elias likes to follow his big brother Colton and do what he does. He likes playing with cars and anything soft. Jenna and her husband, Curtis are very involved in the lives of their sons and have been active in advocating for Elias.

“Visits with this family are always the highlight of my day,” Angela said.

Elias’ doctors have concerns with him swallowing too much air when he eats, Elias will soon receive a speech evaluation with Rainbows’ experienced Speech Language Pathologist, Kim Stewart.

“Rainbows is more than just a therapy program, they help with any questions you have. Angela gave me her personal number so I can get a hold of her at any time. I know she will help me,” Jenna said. “I love Rainbows, Elias has made amazing progress. His doctors have said to keep him in therapy because Rainbows is doing a great job.”