Loves cats and dogs.

Emma is a sweet, smiling 2 year-old with profound hearing loss. She had Cochlear Implants placed at 15 and 18 months. Through Rainbows’ services with Speech-Language Pathologist Kimberly Stewart, Emma is learning sign language.

"I’ve been able to communicate a lot more with her,” said Jamie, Emma’s mother. Jamie learns alongside Emma during sessions with Kimberly. “Jamie always wants to learn new things and she implements the activities I suggest,” said Kimberly.  “We do activities that will expand her language through every day routine activities. Emma has a great family, everyone is very involved with helping Emma to develop and hit her milestones appropriately.”

Emma is beginning to put more signs with objects and actions such as signing to get more to eat. She loves cats and dogs and uses the sign when she sees them.

"Rainbows has been nothing but fantastic,” Jamie said. “Everyone we have talked to has been so helpful and
supportive. I absolutely love Rainbows and am so grateful for them.” Jamie looks to Kimberly as a role model because of the help she has given Emma and the work she does to make Emma’s life better.

 “Emma is going to grow up to be somebody very important,” Jamie said. “She’s going to help other kids and families just like ours.”