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"Hurricane Grace" is passionate, on the go and very vocal

“I will always be indebted to all the Rainbows’ staff who have shared advice and assistance with me. They have encouraged Grace to meet her gross/fine motor skills, feeding abilities, attachment and bonding, social and cognitive developmental milestones, and helped me meet her needs for care such as getting her dressed and diaper changes,” said Katie, Grace’s mother. “The impact it has had on helping her live life to the fullest in her first 9 months is indescribable; and I pray it will one day help her develop into a loving and compassionate servant to this world.”

“I never knew how hard it is to be a mother — all the anxiety, concern and energy — even though I could not be more blessed by this child. We had waited almost ten years for her! Rainbows’ staff have provided countless hours of reassurance and encouragement. I walk away from our sessions uplifted and look forward to them as one of the main life-giving moments of my week.” Katie says Rainbows’ staff have also shown compassion as she navigates raising their first child during the global pandemic and stressful events of 2020. “I truly believe I am in a better spot to nurture Grace, because I have received so much loving support to be the good mother I want to be.”

Katie reached out to a friend who is a physical therapist with concerns about her baby. Her friend was quick to tell her to contact Rainbows and get connected to services.

When she was a month old, she was taking a long time to nurse. Grace had tongue tie surgery, but even after the ties were released she got frustrated during feedings. Rainbows’ staff were able to help both Grace and Katie during this challenge. In addition, Grace receives services with Rainbows’ Sedgwick County Infant/Toddler Services inter-disciplinary team of physical and occupational therapists and speech pathologists. Rainbows’ Nurse Shirley taught Katie and her husband, Nate, infant massage and Leslie supported the family as they bonded and learned to enjoy their new roles through Rainbows’ Mental Health Services ABC (Attachment Bio-behavior Catch-up) Program.

“Nicknamed “Hurricane Grace” after the hurricanes in the Caribbean, where I grew up, Grace is passionate, on the go and very vocal,” said Katie. “She definitely has spunk and attitude!”

“Sessions with Katie and Grace are always fun,” said Gail, physical therapist. “We discuss Grace’s progress, and anything new Grace started doing since our last visit. Katie shares her concerns or challenges, and we problem-solve ideas that might help make their days easier. Grace is doing fantastic and Katie is an empathetic and observant mom. Sometimes having the opportunity to problem solve stresses and share successes can ease some of the challenges of parenting.”

“I have noticed so much change,” said Katie. “Grace has been able to roll and crawl and pull up to standing–hitting these milestones earlier than expected. This has made this Mama’s heart glad! Thankfully, she has no problems nursing now, which is a major relief, and she is doing much better when I dress her. She is learning to eat solid foods as well.”

Overall, Grace is a well attached and joyful baby. She is a loving, lovable, passionate girl. She loves to be cuddled. She is very observant and loves to learn and explore. She desires connection and will be very social right back.

“I hope others will experience the compassionate, servant-hearted care that Rainbows’ staff provides — in addition to their immense pediatric expertise,” said Katie. “Their knowledge is astounding, and each staff works well with others to synergistically provide holistic, individualized care to each child.”

Katie continues, “My child was respected for who she is and encouraged to develop at her own pace. Rainbows’ staff go above and beyond in time and resourcing. They also listen to the parents and our specific goals/desires for the welfare of our children. I also wish others in the community would know that this comes at no cost to the family. That is really why we are able to access such astounding care!”

Nate and Katie love to climb mountains, camp out in various parts of Colorado, run marathons, cycle ultra-distances around the country, and complete triathlons.