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The Sky's The Limit

“With the support of our Rainbows care team, Henry is meeting all of his developmental goals at 13 months old and is making exceptional progress,” said his dad, Alex. These are vastly different than the feelings Alex and his wife, Aubrey experienced before being discharged from the hospital with a newborn who had a skull fracture that occurred during delivery.

“I will never forget the fear and anxiety that swept over us when the pediatrician gave us the diagnosis as well as recommending early intervention therapy for concerns about meeting developmental goals,” remembers Alex, a Senior Technical Marketing Advisor at Textron Aviation. The uncertainty of not knowing what Henry’s outlook would be was quickly replaced with reassurance as the family connected with Rainbows and got to know their therapists. The frequent interactions and check-ins in the family home made all the difference.

Leslie, Early Childhood Special Education Teacher and Jamee, Physical Therapist, both with Sedgwick County Infant/Toddler Services have worked with Henry from the beginning, helping him reach developmental milestones as well as securing insurance approval for a head shaping helmet in his early months. “We felt so much relief when Leslie and Jamie would visit and celebrate Henry’s progress,” said Aubrey. “They were so reassuring and encouraged us to apply for care at Rainbows when I had to go back to work as an assistant nurse manager at the VA Hospital. I’m so glad they did.”

The family toured Kids’ Point and was impressed with the large, open classrooms, floor to ceiling windows and the attentiveness of the staff. “From the first visit, we knew Henry would be loved and taken care of by members of the Rainbows’ team,” said Aubrey.

In addition to early intervention therapies, Henry was able to enroll in the Early Care and Education program at Rainbows’ Kids’ Point where he continues to make progress and loves the early childhood professionals who care for him each day. “We can’t speak highly enough of Michelle, Stefanie, Charlesetta, and Stacy as well as the entire staff for the love they have shown Henry,” said Alex. “Rainbows is Henry’s forever daycare and he gets so excited walking into the lobby every day.”

At nearly one year, Henry is trying new foods and developing his motor skills. His parents look forward to the report at the end of the day to hear what new skill he’s learned that day.

“Henry and his family have been so much fun to get to know,” said Michelle Croomes, Early Care and Education Coordinator. “He has just the right touch of mischief to his smile to make everyone immediately fall in love with him! I’ve been so pleased to see how quickly his development has progressed and have no doubt that will continue.”

“Rainbows is an incredible resource for families in our area. The organization and staff are top notch,” said Aubrey. “The care and compassion they show for children of all abilities is unmeasurable. We are grateful to have vital early intervention services available at no cost to our family.”

Henry loves his furry Labrador sister, Lillie (and dropping snacks for her) and has a passion for exploring everything. He loves to fly with his mom and dad to see his grandparents. The family enjoys going to the zoo and other local attractions.

Photography by Paul Bowen