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In-Home care helps during COVID-19 pandemic

Hunter likes baseball, trampoline parks, YouTube and watching medical shows. He is 11 years old, funny, social and remembers dates, times and anything he reads. When school was moved online, his mother Heather was stressed about finding care for him, since he can’t stay home alone due to his autism.

His cousin was able to stay with him initially until his mom’s job as a nurse, went from part-time to full time as a result of the pandemic coronavirus. “It was really stressful figuring out what I was going to do to care for my son and still be able to work,” said Heather. “It was a lifesaver when I found out Rainbows was able to schedule staff to come into my home to keep Hunter safe and happy.”

Hunter attended after- school Latch-Key and is hoping to attend Camp Woodchuck this summer. He and his mom were familiar with the Rainbows’ staff that come to his home because of the center-based services they were receiving.

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