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Ivan De La Rosa is 17 years old and has been receiving Rainbows’ services since birth.  He has been diagnosed with autism and CHARGE Syndrome.  Ivan is a regular at Camp Woodchuck and always has a smile on his face.  He really enjoys Camp and is very friendly to everyone he meets.  He participates in all Camp activities with enthusiasm and likes being active.  His room lead, Jess, says, “Ivan loves to dance and can often be found talking about horses.”

Ivan lives with his father, Jose, his mother, Olivia, and two brothers Tabian and Hernan.  His parents have noticed that since spending time at Rainbows, Ivan has become friendlier and more respectful.  Ivan enjoys sports such as horse racing, soccer, basketball, and football.  His favorite food is enchiladas and he also enjoys McDonalds.  “He can now help out with routine chores around the house,” says Jose.  He can also be found helping clean tables and doing other helpful activities at Camp Woodchuck.  Every time you talk with Ivan he will make sure you leave with a smile.