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Early Intervention Helps Jaxson and His Brother

“Rainbows has impacted our lives in an incredible way. Through Rainbows I have learned lots of new ways to not only help my kids, but other kids that are in my life,” said Courtney, mother to two children who have received services through Rainbows Infant/Toddler Services.

The family originally got connected when their middle son, Cordale needed speech therapy. Then when third son, Jax needed physical therapy to help with sitting, they knew exactly where to turn for physical and speech therapy.

Rainbows’ Early Childhood Special Education Teacher Wes Cantrell works with Jax in the family home. They work on using words to communicate by encouraging him to use more sounds and turning those sounds into words. Wes enjoys getting Jax outside and using nature to show different words. They also work on sign language skills and both Wes and Jax learn new words. “With therapy, Jax started walking, sitting, and crawling faster than we expected. Now he is saying more words and much easier to understand,” said Courtney.

Wes says, “I enjoyed working with Jaxson, and his family. Some of the best learning opportunities were when his siblings were home as well. He listened intently to their speech and engaged well with them. His parents followed through with suggestions I gave them, to help him verbalize more. He got so excited each time I went into the home to have our visits.”

His mother says since having therapy, Jax has gone from a quiet but feisty little boy into a loud and determined boy. “Rainbows is an incredible organization; I have never met a staff member that did not have the best interests of my kids in mind when working with them. They have always put my kids’ needs first and listened to all my concerns as a mom,” said Courtney. “They never make me feel like my concerns are unreasonable.”

Cordale was 3 years old when he was diagnosed with Autism. At that time the family learned a lot about Autism and how that doesn’t change who he is but allows them to see things the way he sees them. It helps them slow down and look at things differently so we can understand the way he thinks and sees things. “Cordale is one of the smartest boys I know,” said Courtney. “When I started seeing a lot of the same signs in Jax, I knew it was time to get him tested as well. I knew the sooner we got Jax the help, the better off he would be.”

Courtney and her husband, Alex have 3 boys. Their lives are filled with board games, monster trucks and Bluey. “Quality family time is when they are thriving and being their best selves,” said Courtney.