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Jayson & Zandaya

Siblings receive services in Butler County

Mother of three, Jillian, already knew about Rainbows United through her mother’s child care center, which took care of several children with special needs and who also used early intervention services through Rainbows. When she realized her son Jayson might need extra help, she knew right where to go.

Now, siblings Jayson, two years old, and Zandaya, one year old, both receive services from Rainbows’ Bright Beginnings in Butler County. Jayson started at Rainbows for behavior and speech, and a couple of months after Zandaya was born, she started services because she was behind developmentally. Occupational therapist, Kara, visits the family every week at their home in Towanda. “We really love her,” said Jillian. “She will do anything and everything to help the kids.” Jayson can be very aggressive and bite, while Zandaya is very shy and struggles with speech. The work that Kara does with them has really helped. Jillian has noticed that Jayson is nicer to his sisters and Zandaya is up to 15 words and adds more words to her vocabulary every week.

When Jayson turns three years old and is no longer eligible for services at Bright Beginnings, he will be tested to start preschool early at Towanda Primary School. Kara explained to the family that being around children his own age should have a positive impact on his behavioral challenges. Jayson and Zandaya love to play outside and be around their little sister GreenLeigh. All three love to spend time with their grandparents.

“Rainbows is not just for people who have low income. It is for people who need help. I believe other people can learn a lot about their kids through Rainbows’ staff,” said Jillian.