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Targeted case management magic

“I cannot even begin to describe the ways in which your services have helped my son and our family!” says Lisa, a mother of one of the many children Rainbows’ Targeted Case Management services has helped.  John is a child with autism and is non-verbal; he has received Targeted Case Management services from Rainbows since he was 18 months old and now he is 12 years old.

Rainbows has assisted John in obtaining a Springboard communication device to serve as his “voice.”  The voice box has given John a way to communicate with the world and people around him.  Amanda, John’s case manager, has helped his family apply for various things to help with John’s speech or motor functioning.

Specifically, Amanda helped John get a trampoline and a three wheel bike to help with motor coordination. When John reached puberty and was having horrible meltdowns, Rainbows was able to increase his case management services and include him in a crisis response team when the family is unable to calm him down. Amanda also helped John’s parents obtain Latchkey services when his school is not in session and on weekends to keep him occupied and to teach him appropriate social skills. “Honestly there have been times I did not know what to do with John and felt despair for my son and his future. Amanda has been so helpful in looking up resources for us for identification jewelry, puberty issues, crisis support, and so many other things!”

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