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A blessing to our lives

“Joy is a blessing to our lives,” said Vereniz, Joy’s mom. “She is a very beautiful girl, funny and respectful.” She loves animals and playing with mini toys, like LOL dolls.  Joy is 9 years old and has autism which affects her communication and social skills, as well as her behavior.

Joy struggles with remembering things and communicating.  With donations from this year’s Blarney Breakfast, Joy will be presented with an iPad and a protective case.  The iPad will help Joy in improving her communication and daily living skills. One of Joy’s long-term goals is to learn Spanish and having access to an iPad will help her with retention and memory.

Joy began receiving services five years ago with Targeted Case Management. “She talks more than before,” said Vereniz. “She’s improved a lot.”  This year Joy is hoping to attend Rainbows’ Camp Woodchuck.