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Tickles and Hugs

Five year old Kaitlyn likes tickles and hugs. The youngest of three children, she is very playful and engaging with her family. Kaitlyn has autism, which affects her communication skills, social skills and behaviors. She also is delayed in most areas of her development.

“Rainbows has been a great tool to help find resources that fit Kaitlyn’s needs,” said Deborah, Kaitlyn’s mom. “Kaitlyn has made progress with eye contact, and figuring out how things work.” Kaitlyn works with Targeted Case Manager Michelle McDowell, and also attends Rainbows’ Camp Woodchuck in the summer.

Kaitlyn mostly communicates through gestures and taking you by the hand and leading you to what she needs/wants.  Through donations from this year’s Blarney Breakfast, Kaitlyn will receive an iPad with a special communication application to help in improving her communication skills.

You could win a brand new Lexus RX350!

$100 Ticket(s)