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Katie Mans: Specialized Foster Care Mom

Foster Care Family Thrives With Rainbows

In college, Katie Mans babysat for a single mom who had foster children with special needs, and this became Katie’s passion.  In 2014, Katie worked as a Rainbows’ Targeted Case Manager and met Kerri Dixon, Foster Care Social Worker and Targeted Case Manager.  These two unrelated events would shape Katie’s future as a foster parent.

In December 2020, Katie took classes through another agency and opened her home to her first foster child.  In March 2022, Katie saw a Facebook ad about Rainbows’ Specialized Foster Care Program, contacted Audra Kenneson, Mental Health and Specialized Foster Care Coordinator and learned more about Rainbows’ program.  “After I talked with Audra, I decided to make the change,” said Katie.  “It has been the best thing.”

Reconnecting with Kerri has been a joy.  Kerri meets with Katie and her two foster children twice a month to make sure the family has everything they need.  “Working with Kerri is wonderful,” said Katie.  “She is very attentive and supportive.  Her knowledge, connections to resources, and support are amazing…and the kids love her,” said Katie.  Katie also appreciates Kerri being an advocate for her and her foster children.  “I’m good at advocating,” she said, “but sometimes it takes another person to make things happen.  Kerri is that person.”

“Katie is an asset to the Rainbows foster care program,” said Kerri. “She brings 15 years of experience working with individuals who are diagnosed with intellectual and developmental disabilities. Katie does an amazing job parenting the children in her foster home. “

Katie and her foster children enjoy creating diamond art and drawing together, although Katie admits the kids are much better than she is.  They also like to put together puzzles and one of the children loves scrapbooking.  Both kids like music:  One loves their headphones and the other likes to blare their music.  “They are both huge talkers,” said Katie.

Katie loves making a difference in the lives of the children and seeing how much improvement has happened since they moved into her home.  Asked if she had any advice for others thinking about becoming a foster parent for a child with special needs, Katie said, “Remember that it’s okay for the foster parent or the foster child to have a hard day.  Take a breath and do something you enjoy.  Patience is key.”

Do you have room for a foster child?  Please reach out to Kerri Dixon at or Audra Kenneson at for more information.