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He wants to be a doctor or a friend

Khoi and his twin sister Khamoi graduated from Rainbows’ Pre-Kindergarten program in May. “Khoi is an amazing child that will make a difference one day with his smile and laugh alone,” said Rickeyia, the twins’ mother. “He loves interacting with people and forming a genuine connection and has an infectious spirit. Khoi always tells me he wants to be a doctor or a friend when he grows up and that is enough for me. I hope one day that Khoi is happy with the life he creates, and he never lets his challenges define him or stop him from chasing his dreams.”

Khoi received Early Intervention Services through Rainbows when he was an infant. He started with Rainbows’ Early Care and Education in May 2022 since Khamoi was already attending and receiving services. It made things easier having them both in one place and Rickeyia trusted the staff and wouldn’t have wanted him anywhere else.

Since attending Rainbows, Khoi has excelled in his communication skills and learned to be empathetic and recognize others’ emotions. Khoi has also made a lot of progress with coping with his own big emotions. “Khoi’s teachers, including Ms. Autumn, Ms. Mary and Ms. Gracie, are a big part of Khoi’s time at Rainbows and are Khoi’s favorites,” said Rickeyia. “They are all very patient with him and take the time to work with him when he has rough days. Additionally, Ms. Autumn has taken the time to adjust some activities and learning materials to fit Khoi’s learning level since he’s extremely smart!”

Khoi was diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) and Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) in November. At the same time, the family had a change in their dynamics as Rickeyia started out on her journey as a single mom. “Rainbows really supported me through this transition and helped make my life easier in any way that they could,” she said. “During this time, I was able to graduate college from Wichita State University and transition into my career in social services/child welfare. Rainbows is an awesome organization that help support families grow and feel supported navigating the different seasons of life and challenges. The staff is fully invested in the children and supporting them in areas where they need more help.”

“Rainbows has impacted our lives in so many ways I couldn’t even count,” said Rickeyia. “I never thought the place I take my children to school would be such a tremendous support system for us, but every school should be like that. The staff not only knows my children, but they have invested time into knowing me. They supported me through my roughest days like getting Khoi’s diagnosis, behavioral challenges, and days where I was just tired from being a twin mom. Rainbows has also been there right by my side to answer any questions I’ve had, provide referrals, and attend IEP meetings for the big transition to kindergarten. Lastly, Rainbows has provided me with support to make sure my children can attend every day and have safe quality care.”

In their free time, Rickeyia, Khamoi and Khoi enjoy spending time with family, going to the zoo, playing at the park, and painting at home. Khoi really enjoys playing with his sister and having her around for company. In contrast to Khoi’s active energy, Khamoi is very laid back, so the twins’ balance each other’s energy. You can read Khamoi’s story here.