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Parents Learn ASL to Communicate with Daughter

Growing up with limited hearing themselves, Laura and James Fallin know what it’s like for their daughter Kira to be born with hearing loss. “Rainbows has provided us with support using American Sign Language (ASL) when communicating with our young daughter,” said Laura. “I have also been able to monitor Kira’s developmental milestones in other areas, which has eased my mind as a first-time mother. Rainbows has helped me stress less.”

“Because Kira is so young, it is difficult to see progress quickly,” said Laura. “Initially, I worried about the cost of hearing aids and how to use ASL with our baby. Through services, my fears have been put at ease and all my questions answered.”

Rainbows’ Physical Therapist Hannah Dodd works with Kira and her family. Darcy Beavers and Twila Latini from Kansas School for the Deaf often partner with Rainbows’ team members to support the family’s needs.

Kira wears hearing aids and responds to voices as well as signing. She’s a sweet smiley girl. “Our hope is for Kira to eventually become more proficient with her sign language and be confident with her skills,” said Laura.

The family has 2 dogs and likes spending time outside. Kira enjoys going on walks around the neighborhood and nearby parks. She’s grown to be more independent and feels more comfortable around the dogs at home, showing them who’s boss.