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Loves to play outside and listen to books

At one year old, Leo was unable to crawl and was developmentally delayed which qualified him for Rainbows’ services. Within two months of services, Leo had not only started to crawl but started walking shortly after. His mother Jennifer says these milestones would not have been possible without Rainbows.

Leo was recently adopted by his family in April and will celebrate his second birthday soon. He loves to play outside, listen to books, and play with his older brother, Maximus, who was also adopted.

When Leo first started receiving Rainbows’ services, Early Childhood Special Education Teacher Melissa Baumgartel visited him once a week. Due to his progress, Melissa now visits twice a month. Melissa has also taught Leo to push buttons and play with his toys. They are currently working on identifying body parts, which Leo is doing well with.

“Melissa is so helpful and wonderful,” Jennifer said. “If there is any time I need her I can call and she will help me.”

“He has met many developmental milestones, and is doing so well.  He is using many words and phrases and is a joy to his family,” said Melissa.

Jennifer describes her experience with Rainbows’ as “amazing”.

“Without Rainbows we wouldn’t be where we are right now,” Jennifer said. “We are so thankful that Rainbows is there for children like Leo.”

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