A sweetheart with a take charge personality

Maddi Riemann is 2 years old and has been attending Rainbows’ childcare for the past year. Through Rainbows’ early intervention services, Maddi has also been receiving physical therapy.

Since starting services, Maddi’s father has seen great progress in her walking and social skills.

“Maddi is a fun, lively spirit with an ornery twinkle in her eye,” said her therapist, Rhonda Davis, “I have a blast working with her, even though she makes me work hard to figure out how to motivate her.”

Maddi  is diagnosed with Spina Bifida – Myelomeningocele, a defect of the backbone and spinal cord. Katie and Jeff Riemann feel blessed to be Maddi’s parents and are humbled with the circumstances that lead to her diagnosis and treatments.

 “Because of a very good OB doctor, we diagnosed her defect early and were able to be a part of a study on ‘in utero’ surgeries for repairs on spinal defects,” they said. “From there, we have had wonderful doctors, as well as a great help from Rainbows with her development.”

If you are ever feeling down, visit Room 3 at Rainbows’ Kids’ Point. Maddi will never fail to grab your attention and put a smile on your face. Maddi’s teacher, Stacy Jensen, enjoys having such a bright character in the classroom to keep the energy live.

“Maddilyn is a sweetheart,” said Stacy. “She likes to play in housekeeping with her friends. She is such a happy little girl,” said Stacy.

Just like any other 2 year old, Maddi loves anything Minnie Mouse, playing with puppies, and reading books with her mother. You may also find Maddi “working” around the house with her dad.

“She is always ‘fixing things’ with her dad,” said Katie. “Maddi loves to help you with anything and everything.

Although shy at first, Maddi becomes outgoing once she is comfortable and makes certain that she is the center of attention.

“Maddi is a take charge personality in settings with her peers and loves to have fun,” her father said.