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Stay-At-Home Order = early intervention tele-therapy

Rebekah and her husband Kurt found out about Rainbows’ services when their baby, Natalie was born 6 weeks prematurely. They reached out once they were home and Natalie was not meeting her developmental milestones. “She needed strength in her core and legs to stand and walk,” said Rebekah.

Rainbows’ Physical Therapist Angela Pulaski goes to the family’s home in Augusta and works with Natalie and her family. “She made significant progress in the first 3-4 months they worked together,” said Angela.
Natalie started walking 3 days after Christmas, now that she is more independently mobile, she is showing great progress. She has started running and making animal sounds. She has more words and Angela has given us invaluable tools to keep her growing and learning at a steady pace.

When the Stay-At Home Order was put in place the family continued services through tele-therapy. “This has been an interesting transition,” said Rebekah. “We are so glad we are able to continue receiving services through tele-therapy.” The family uses a cell phone to Skype with Angela and they find the therapy sessions run a bit shorter. It is helpful to talk about the progress Natalie is making and what we can work on to help her continue making progress to hit her milestones over the phone with Angela, although it is harder to share all the progress that Natalie is making.”

“Natalie is inquisitive and always thinking,” said Angela. “Her parents are so involved in her therapy and that really helps with her progress.” She now blows kisses and raspberries, and points more as she communicates.
A surprising advantage to the COVID-19 changes, is that our oldest, Isaiah (5), is home. Natalie tries to keep up with her brother, so having him home all day now with her is helping her see more behaviors she wants to imitate. Being closer in size, they play and learn well together, even when learning different things.

“If we had stopped fully due to COVID-19, I don’t think we would have made as much progress as we have,” said Rebekah.

Kurt works 2nd shift, so is often home for Angela’s visits with Natalie and Rebekah. His job is essential, so he is at home close to the same amount. “I enjoy being home when Angela comes, she has so many new ideas and at one point it all clicked with Natalie,” said Kurt. “She’s started crawling and getting stronger ever since. It was like a switch got turned on for her and she is off and running with her brother.”

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