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Goals Have Slowly But Surely Changed

When a child is diagnosed with a special need, it affects not only the child, but the entire family. Rainbows’ Targeted Case Management Program (TCM) provides personal assistance to families in finding and securing programs, services and financial aid their child needs.

The youngest of four children, 10-year-old Nhygel has Autism. His family began receiving Targeted Case Management in 2014. “Rainbows has significantly impacted our lives,” said Nathaniel, Nhygel’s father. “They have given us support in regards to the unknowns of having a child with special needs and the opportunity to not lose focus on our other children.”

“Blair, our Targeted Case Manager, has been a support system for us and let us know of some resources that may be available to us,” said Nathaniel. Respite care, diapers and wipes, and a tablet are among the resources the family has received. Blair has also secured funding for them through Shriner’s for some sensory items for Nhygel.

“I talk with this family pretty regularly, whether it is respite, funding or just to check- in,” said Blair. “I have met with Nhygel’s mom, Nicole via zoom and in person. The family is always so kind and patient, and I absolutely love working with them.”

A fourth grader, Nhygel loves anything with sports, specifically basketball and football. Since starting services with Rainbows, Nhygel’s confidence and speech development have shown great improvement. “My goals for Nhygel have slowly but surely changed since he’s been with Rainbows,” said Nathaniel. “My dream now is that he not be treated any different and that he will be able to support himself as an adult.”