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Orion & Ronin

Wonderful experience

As written by Mary Olin, the boys’ mother:

Our family’s story begins nearly 3 years ago when our identical twin boys, Orion and Ronin, were born at 33 weeks. They spent over a month in the NICU. Upon leaving the hospital, there were countless appointments to check their growth and development. Around their first birthday I noticed they were lagging behind in some areas, such as fine motor and communication. I, myself, am a special education teacher so I know how life changing early intervention can be. I called Rainbows and arranged for an evaluation of both my boys. They qualified for services and have received them for nearly 2 years. After working with the professionals at Rainbows, my boys are now only behind in Speech. We have had a wonderful experience with Rainbows and cannot thank Kara Knight enough for her hard work and support.