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A Gentle Giant at Kids' Cove

From Infant/Toddler Services to Early Care and Education to Targeted Case Management to Latchkey and Camp Woodchuck, Rainbows has been a part of Seth Russell’s life for 14 years. “Seth came to us through adoption,” said Robyn, Seth’s mom. “Seth is one of 5 kids, 4 of whom are adopted, in the Russell family.”

“Seth’s diagnosis is moderately intellectually disabled and ADHD. From when Seth was a one-year-old, Rainbows has helped him to progress to what he is today,” said Robyn. “Seth wasn’t able to eat or sit up when he came to our family. Our in-home therapists helped us to get him to the point of walking by the time he was 19 months old. As Seth has grown, we have wondered and worried what his next developmental step would look like. While they have always happened in his own time, they have always far outreached what we thought he would do. Our family knows this is in part to the support we have received from so many people at Rainbows.”

Seth currently participates in Rainbows’ Latchkey program during the school year and Camp Woodchuck in the summertime. “As Seth has gotten older, it’s been more of a challenge to figure out how to care for him and keep him safe,” said Robyn.  “Latchkey and Camp Woodchuck have given the tools for Seth to have fun in a safe surrounding after school while his dad and I finish our workday.  This seems like a small thing, but having a consistent option for Seth is really something that helps our family function.”

“Seth is our Gentle Giant,” said Robyn.  “He is Mr. Social. He loves everyone. Seth really likes his Rainbows’ staff member named Seth because they have the same name, and Riley from Camp is someone he looks forward to seeing every summer. We also love Teresa Shackelford.  She was Seth’s bus driver when he was younger and she’s watched him grow up.”

Teresa Shackelford said, “Seth is a great kid. He is funny and has the biggest smile that will melt your heart. He loves Camp, especially singing in the choir. Seth also loves doing arts and crafts. He is just a JOY to be around!”

“Our main goal has always been for Seth to be loved and accepted for the amazing boy he is,” said Robyn. “It’s been a process to get to this point, but Rainbows has always been there for us, especially during some really hard times for our family. At Rainbows, there is help and support for families!”