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A little comedian

“Skyler has a real sense of humor for his age,” said his grandmother, Kathi. “And it’s fun because he can share that sense of humor now.”

Skyler is almost three years old and has been receiving speech therapy services from Rainbows United’s Bright Beginnings in Butler County since he was 18 months old. Skyler’s doctor recommended Rainbows United. Kathi is thankful that he did. She describes Skyler’s speech therapist, Kim, as “wonderful.”

“Kim has been good on giving our family things to work on with Skyler,” said Kathi, “she has given lots of support.”  Kim provides in home services once a week. She also suggests exercises that Skyler’s family can do with him on a daily basis. His motor control issues have improved greatly. Skyler has gone from 2-3 word sentences to full and complex sentences in 1year.

“It was like he all of a sudden blossomed a few months ago. He just started rolling.” Said Kathi, “We knew there was a lot in there, just no way to it get out.”

Skyler loves water and is excited to go swimming this summer. He also loves dinosaurs, legos, and play-doh.

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