Stealing the hears of the Rainbows staff.

Sophia is an adorable little three year old, with blond curly hair and a bright smile - you can’t help but notice her. Sophia was diagnosed with Chromosome 16P11-2 Micro-deletion Syndrome, a rare genetic disorder, in May 2013.

Her struggles include Asthma, heart problems, speech deficits, and toe walking which requires her to wear leg braces six hours a day.

Rainbows has served Sophia since she was 18 months old. She received speech, physical, and occupational therapy until age three when she transitioned into services through the public school system. Sophia attends Buckner Elementary half days and the bus brings her to Rainbows Kids’ Point for lunch and the afternoons.

“When we leave the house and ask her where she wants to go, she points and says ‘I go Rainbows,’ she wants to go to her daycare,” Kim, her mother, said. “I would like everyone to know about the daycare, they have done amazing things for her. The attention and ratios you get and the support for special needs has been phenomenal.”

Sophia has had no problem stealing the hearts of the staff at Rainbows. Kim recalls attending the Hampel Luau, a fundraiser held by a Rainbows family. “People kept stopping us and would say ‘You’re Sophia’s parents!’ you could tell she was loved.”

Miss Cassie, Sophia’s teacher, says what a joy it is to have her in Classroom 5. “She has great self help skills; she’s very bright.”

According to Miss Cassie and Kim, Sophia’s favorite activities include playing with her babies, tea parties, and bossing people around.

“She’s a spitfire,” Kim said. “She’s a happy, happy little girl with her own agenda and her own terms.”