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Received extra support with Rainbows

Jolene and David learned of their son’s intellectual disabilities when he was two. They became curious after realizing that Steven wasn’t using speech like most kids his age. They accessed speech therapy for their son through Rainbows tiny-k early intervention services until Steven was old enough to receive services through the Maize school district.

As Steven grew, his mom and dad found that they needed extra support. Doctors told them that he was on the autism spectrum and they began looking for help. Their case manager told them that they qualified for supportive home care and gave them a list of agencies that could provide services. Rainbows was on the list, and it immediately stood out to Jolene who remembered the wonderful speech therapists that came to their home when Steven was still a toddler.

When Jolene, who had stayed home with Steven for many years, took a part-time job, the family immediately needed additional support. Already connected to Rainbows in-home supportive care, they also learned about center-based respite care after school and Camp Woodchuck during the summer.

Jolene says, “Steven loves going to Rainbows.” His enthusiasm is a huge relief for his parents. Direct support staff love working with Steven and the family finds that there are many people who have taken the time to become experts in caring for their son.

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