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The Becks

A special foster family.

The song “Gold” by Britt Nicole is the anthem for the Beck family, “This, this is for all the girls, boys all over the world /whatever you’ve been told, you’re worth more than gold.” It is played on car trips to Branson, Mo. and on the way to daily activities the family is involved in. The song also sums up why the Becks are great foster parents; they show their foster kids respect and love during a difficult period in that child’s life.

The Becks recently celebrated their anniversary with a trip to the Cosmosphere. They took their three foster children and one of their daughters with them. “We saw a movie at the Cosmosphere and then went to McDonald’s for Happy Meals,” said Laura. “It was the best anniversary ever.”

David and Laura Beck became foster parents in 2011 after their three daughters were in high school or college. Laura said “It felt like the right time in my life. My parents did this when I was a kid and the family has been extremely supportive.” Laura works with Kerri, Foster Care Social Worker at Rainbows, to make sure her foster kids have everything they need. Kerri’s job revolves around working with specialized foster families like the Becks who have foster kids with special needs. Kerri makes home visits to the Beck’s every two weeks. “Kerri gets right down to the kid’s level” said Laura. “She communicates with them really, really well. They always have a story they want to tell her.”

The family motto is to treat their foster kids like they have their own daughters. This means a structured home with a lot of fun scheduled activities. “Fostering isn’t easy,” said Laura. “You take one day at a time and try something new every day if you need to. We enjoy adapting and modifying and changing. You do it with your heart.”

“I’ve been totally blessed,” said Laura. “I’ve found something I love to do, and I get to do all of it. All kids want to be loved. If you love them, then it works.”