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The Bruces

A loving foster family makes all the difference in a child's life

When it comes to Rainbows’ foster care families, the one thing they all have in common is their love for children with special needs. That includes the Bruce family who became a specialized foster care family in 2020. The family moved to Wichita two years ago and saw a Facebook post about the need for foster care families for children with special needs.  Sarah inquired. “Once I realized that our family would provide a home for a child without one, I knew I needed to know more,” said Sarah. “We started classes in January 2019 and the rest is history.”

Sarah and her husband Terry welcome children into their home and give them a safe, nurturing place to live and grow. Along with their other children, they play games, do homework, and live life with children who come to them needing a home. “Terry and I know that we only have so much time to pour into our children before they leave and we use every day to make an impact in their lives,” said Sarah.  “We get to make a difference in the life of each foster child also.”

Kerri Dixon, Rainbows’ Specialized Foster Care Social Worker with more than 20 years of experience, works with the family twice a month to make sure every concern is addressed and needs of both the child and family are met. “Each home and family is a little different,” said Kerri. “It’s my job to make sure the environment is safe and the child gets the care they need and deserve. I enjoy working with every family, connecting them to resources and seeing them grow. A loving family makes all the difference to a child who has been removed from their home.”

“Fostering a child with special needs just looks a little bit different,” said Sarah.  “A label doesn’t matter. Being a decent human being is what is important.”

“We have a lot of experience with children with special needs,” said Sarah. “Our nephew in Topeka has IDD.  Terry’s sister in Topeka has been a foster mom for children with special needs and the entire family has been very involved with Special Olympics for many years.”

Sarah and Terry have 3 sons. Garrett is 25 and is a firefighter; Isaac is 12 and Isaiah is 8.

To find out more about becoming a Rainbows’ Foster Care Home, contact Kerri at She’ll be glad to answer your questions and tell you all about getting started.

You can also join Kerri Dixon for a short online informational session on October 26 at 1 find out more. Read more.