Grown and improved in language skills.

Wyatt is almost 3 years old and began receiving services after he turned one. His parents were concerned that he was not speaking any words, so they called Rainbows and received an evaluation that qualified Wyatt for services with Speech-Language Pathologist Kimberly Stewart. Wyatt now speaks long, complex sentences, has age-appropriate articulation, and has even tested ahead of his age in his receptive and expressive skills.

“He has grown and improved so much with his language skills,” said Lauren, Wyatt’s mother. “The majority of this is due to his work with Rainbows.”

Wyatt loves to play with cars, trucks, and trains. Kimberly has given the family suggestions and activities they can do at home to help his with his speech.

“My son loves Kimberly, we look forward to her coming over,” Lauren said. “She is very helpful and we feel so positive with his progress. The difference has been amazing.”

Wyatt has also made improvement in behavior areas. Prior to receiving Rainbows’ services he would get very upset if his parents left him in a church nursery, grandparents’ house, or with a sitter. Now he will go into these situations without hesitation and play with other children.

“We talked about preparing Wyatt for outings,” said Kimberly “Where they are going, what they will be doing, and how he will act.”

Lauren is thankful they called Rainbows and would like people to know how important it is to call if you have any concerns. “Even if you’re not sure, make the call and have someone come out and talk about it. When we did we weren’t sure what to expect but we have been so pleased with the quality of the teaching staff, especially his primary coach,” Lauren said.

If you have any questions or concerns about your child’s development call 316.320.1342 for Rainbows in Butler County or 316.267.5437 for Rainbows in Sedgwick County.