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A Sweet Little Boy

A sweet little boy with a very gentle soul, Wyatt has autism. “He is nonverbal, but does his best to communicate with those that he likes and loves,” said Wyatt’s dad, Bobby. “The fact that he is so sweet and gets so excited about his favorite people and activities inspires us to do better for him and to do our best to help him with the struggles autism has afforded him.”

“Wyatt is very sensitive about his surroundings and not able to use speech currently,” said Brennen Smith, Wyatt’s Targeted Case Manager. Five year old Wyatt has run off when the family was on vacation and also in a public place like a park. With donations from this year’s Blarney Breakfast, Wyatt will receive a subscription for an Angel Sense monitor, which assists with locating him if there is a crowd or if he gets too far away.

“Rainbows has impacted our lives by shining a light of hope and a positive attitude, which is all too uncommon in today’s world,” said Bobby. “It is so refreshing and inspiring to have someone come into our home, and be so encouraging to Wyatt and the rest of the family as well.”

“Rainbows is comprised of caring, genuine and thoughtful people who go out into the community and make the world a better place,” Bobby said. “They advocate, educate and inspire not only the child but also the parents and the rest of the family. It takes special people to do what they do, and they do it well in a positive, constructive way.”