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Developmental progress continues during pandemic through tele-therapy

A mother of nine children, Alex knew something wasn’t quite right with her son Wyatt pretty early on. He wasn’t meeting the milestones all children meet when they are young, rolling over, sitting up, crawling. “By the time you raise eight kids, it was clear he was missing the basics,” said Alex. “Wyatt needed help with feeding, and developing his core strength. I knew he was obviously developmentally delayed.”

The family got connected to Rainbows through their family doctor. “Having services in our home is very convenient,” said Alex. With a house full of children, the family has many commitments and there is always something going on. Angela Pulaski, a Rainbows Physical Therapist in Butler County, began visit to the family home to get acquainted with Wyatt and the family. Alex says Angela was patient with Wyatt and took time to get to know him and their family in the beginning, never making them feel rushed or pressured.

“We came to value Angela’s visits and the in-home services,” said Alex. “When we stopped going out due to the pandemic, our lives became simpler. We didn’t have appointments or activities to go to. I am so glad we were able to continue Wyatt’s therapy services through tele-therapy.” Wyatt knows when Angela is on the laptop or on the phone. He hears her laugh and smiles. Alex sends Angela videos of Wyatt’s progress and appreciates feedback on what she should be concerned about and they celebrate his progress together.

“This pandemic has been a blessing in disguise for our family. We can concentrate on what’s most important,” said Alex. “If we would have had to stop services and start over, he would have lost so much. I’m glad Wyatt can continue working with Angela during this time.” The family has spent more time outside in nice weather. Wyatt is walking, going down a small slide and even progressed to 3-4 word sentences over the short time. Alex takes her phone with her when the children play outside. “Angela can come along on the phone and give me ideas for Wyatt as he plays,” said Alex. “It’s great to have her support and advice during this time of uncertainty.”

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