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When action meets compassion...

Fashion Passion 2017

As we enter into the holidays and the season of giving, I am reminded of one of my favorite quotes – “when action meets compassion, lives change.”  Recently, I witnessed this first hand at Fashion Passion, Rainbows signature fundraising event. Over 650 people gathered together to support Rainbows and through their actions, thousands of children with special needs and their families will receive vital services.

 Approximately 100 community members selflessly volunteered their time to work at the event and many went above and beyond to ensure event guests had a wonderful time.  Members from all levels of Rainbows staff volunteered at Fashion Passion and assumed lead volunteer roles, accepting the extra responsibility to motivate and help other volunteers.  Vendors, who delivered equipment, set up staging, rigged lights, configured speakers, served drinks and prepared food did so with extra care and attention. 

Over 100 high fashion looks from eight retail stores at Bradley Fair were featured on the runway.  Employees at each store meticulously chose each outfit, shoe pairing and jewelry selection to showcase on the runway. These actions created a dynamic fashion show unlike any other in Wichita!

The decision to make a financial commitment to Rainbows was another action seen at Fashion Passion.  Guests purchased raffle tickets and one of a kind items, bid on silent auction packages and showed generous support during the live auction.  The energy in the room was electric and the generosity was amazing!  This unique combination of actions lead to the highest net amount raised at Fashion Passion – $451,000. 

The lives of children with special needs served by Rainbows were impacted because of the action and compassion demonstrated at Fashion Passion; children will learn to talk, walk, hear their mothers voice for the first time, attend summer camp, receive needed supplies and medical equipment, and achieve milestones their parents were told would never occur. 

I continue to be astonished by the generosity of our community.  I am grateful for your compassion for children with special needs and your heartfelt actions to impact their lives

  -Angela Kessler, Vice President of Development

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