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Simple, spooky and fun!

Halloween Activities

Halloween is right around the corner. Check out these fun seasonal activities that both you and your kids will love!


  1. Q- Tip Skeletons

Who knew that Q-tips made such excellent skeletal bones? Your kids can have all sorts of fun making a collection of skeletons in funny and interesting positions.



  1.  Halloween Egg Hunt

Are your kids already begging for Halloween candy? Make them work for it! Give your leftover Easter eggs a spooky makeover and fill with sweet treats. Hide them inside or out and have a Halloween egg hunt for your littles!



  1. Halloween-themed Fruit Snacks

Include your kiddos in whipping up some fun Halloween recipes. Opt for healthly treats like these fruity “pumpkins” (oranges with celery segments as the stems) and “ghosts” (bananas with chocolate chips as the eyes and mouth).



  1. Monster Cookies

Take a fun angle on monster cookies by allowing your children to decorate typical sugar cookies to look like fun Halloween creatures. With icing, edible eyes and other small candies, cut children loose so they can go wild creating their monsters’ silly faces.



  1. Spider Web Walking Game


With painters tape, make a spider web on the floor with a designated starting area. Add some plastic spiders around the web and a prize (like candy, a glow stick, etc.) in the center.  The object of this web walking game is to stay on the web and pick up all the spiders, then the prize without falling off the web. If your child steps off the tape, they are “out” and have to start again. This can be made very difficult by requiring tippy toes, or placing other obstacles around the web, or made much easier by only counting a fall onto the floor as a true fall resulting in a start over.

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